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Fan selection software

The Optimiser fan selection software has been developed by Multi-Wing to enable our customers to select the optimum fan solution for your specific application requirements.

Wind Tunnel testing

We take pride in being experts within this business when it comes to aerodynamic flow and determining how conditions may be optimized.

Research & Development

At Multi-Wing we use Flow Diagnostics to determine key variables including mean velocity, turbulence intensity, and the effect of contraction ratio in the working section of the axial fan blade.

2D/3D drawings

The purpose of the Multi-Wing Designer software is to enable our customers to make 2D and 3D drawings quickly and easily.



We have designed fans complying with the demands derived from the TIER IV regulations in the USA and the Stage IIIB regulations in the EU.

Pressure Max Tier4

This remarkable axial fan can help your company meet the Tier 4 emissions standards and the Stage III B Standards for off highway engines.


Your requirements may be within cooling towers, condensers and dry coolers, evaporators or reefer units and trucks.


Within the Multi-Wing range of modular axial fans we can select a perfect match for your ventilation requirements.

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